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Take Care

Well… WE’RE BACK! It’s the first day after Labor Day, and at least here in NYC, something feels a little different. It seems that as a collective whole, the city decided that recess is over and that it’s time to buckle down and get back to work. The air has cooled a bit, and it feels like the first day of a new year—a fresh start.
As many students start back to high school or college today, many set new intentions, new goals, and new approaches. If anyone else’s patterns are like my own, it seems that these new habits tend to go smoothly for awhile and then after awhile, no matter how hard we try, at some point life gets overwhelming. As we go through our routine of “trying to be productive,” it’s important to take care of Numero Uno first. Of course the obvious: get enough sleep, exercise, eat right… we all know these things. But often times things can get so overwhelming with life or family, that the obvious things don’t happen as easily, and you might need a little extra boost. Many universities offer free health and counseling services, and it’s a great place to take a load off if you need a little outside perspective.
If you’re feeling unsure of whether you should talk to someone or not, ULifeline is a great, anonymous online resource provided by The Jed Foundation. You simply type in your school name, take a very short quiz, and ULifeline will let you know the services that your school offers. So as we step into the crisp days of Fall with a fresh mindset, best of luck! Take deep breaths, and take care.