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New York City Mental Health Film Festival

The New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services will host its fourth annual Mental Health Film Festival on Saturday, April 26, 2010. The festival is designed to raise awareness among the general public about those living with psychiatric diseases. The theme of the festival is employment.

Included in the festival’s lineup is Work Works, a documentary that describes the benefits of working for those with psychiatric disabilities, and the feature film Working Like Crazy , which follows the lives of two mental health consumers who start their own business for people with psychiatric disabilities.

The festival will take place at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, and tickets are $5 in advance and $7 at the door. For more information, please visit:

Send in your thoughts of the films after the fest!

Welcome to The Ah Project!

The Ah Project welcomes your thoughts, whether you just need to vent or have a bit of happiness to share. We know that being close to someone with a mental illness can sometimes make you feel like your needs aren’t as important, but if we all work together to share how we really feel, then we’ll have better relationships all around.

It’s okay to be angry, scared, guilty, or happy about where you are. This is a place where you can let it out. The Ah Project welcomes your writing, comments, videos, songs – anything that expresses how you feel about mental illness. You can send these in the form of email attachments or links.

There are a lot of people that know exactly how you feel, we just need to start talking.

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